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There has been a huge increase in the number of Indian students wishing and opting for MBBS abroad in the last few years. The number of seats in public and private medical universities in India is very limited in comparison to medical education candidates and while government college students have to work hard and struggle for a high position in competitive exams, private colleges pay huge fees.

And a huge amount is also demanded as a donation. Despite all this, only a very small fraction of the candidates are getting successful to get admission to Indian medical colleges. There are a number of reasons why the decision to choose a foreign college outside India to study medicine is a positive one for many reasons, including saving a very important time in your career and very affordable medical education expenses.

MBBS Education In India

Today, studying for MBBS abroad is the option that Indian students opt for most as it offers a more affordable pricing structure as compared to medical colleges in India while providing a reliable medical education. The cost of an MBBS degree abroad for five or six years, depending on the university, starts from around 15 to 20 lakhs which is very less compared to Indian private medical institutions. This university offers a global MBBS degree to students with affordable accommodation with all the best facilities. Since studying in internationally recognized universities guarantees a bright future for them, every year many students wish to enroll in MBBS programs abroad. There are numerous such reasons, including the following:

MBBS in Abroad

Indian society has always considered the profession of healthcare the best. Since doctors hold the highest respect, the inclination of the youth of India has always been towards making a career in medicine and health sciences, otherwise known as MBBS. But in this era, the number of students enrolling for MBBS abroad is increasing every day more than a few years back. The question is why is this happening? One of the reasons could be the cheap MBBS fees abroad.

The limited number of government seats in Indian universities and the exorbitant tuition fees charged by private medical colleges have encouraged a large number of Indian students to pursue MBBS abroad. Since there are recognized medical universities in many other countries that offer certified and rigorous MBBS courses, this is the reason why opting for MBBS abroad for Indian students at a low cost is nothing but a wise choice.

Health has been the most important place in the history of human beings since ancient times. Due to age circumstances and many such reasons in human life, a person has to go through health-related problems, which is why the need for a medical department is foremost in human life. And this is the reason that the representative who gives his services in the medical department is seen with great respect. And even today this is the reason that medical education has a huge name in the education department and today many students in India want to make their future by getting medical education.

There is a competition of candidates in India today to get admission to the medical course. Today every lakhs of students in India want to make a career in the field of medicine by doing an MBBS. As we have come to know by now that this is a very prestigious career option. And this is the reason why there is a lot of competition among medical aspirants in this field.

But in the field of medical education in India, there is a lot of work for medical colleges and seats in them, because of this, there is a good MBBS college entrance exam (NEET: National Eligibility Entrance Test), selection process, college selection, government college. I have to face many hurdles like seat and private institute fees and donations. Even after all this, the chances of a medical aspirant getting medical education, and college admission according to his mind within an affordable budget are very less.

The following are some of the major reasons for this.
Limited Seats

Comparison of candidates for medical education in Indian medical institutes and the limited number of seats in them.

Less Number Of Govt. Medical Collages

There are very few government medical universities and colleges in India.

Limited Private Institution

limited number in Counting of private medical universities

High Fee and Too Expensive Medical Education

Higher education fees and fees in private medical universities that are not possible for most Indian students to afford

Demand Of Donation

Many private medical universities also demand donations.

Improper Student-Teacher Ratio.

Student-teacher ratio in indian medical collage is very unbalanced. There are some faculties of medical teacher are there in comparison of huge number of students

Tough Compititaion

Very tough entrance exam and admission process.

Time Taking Admission Process

Waste of time to prepare for more than one year to get selected in the admission process and get a good rank.

These are some of the important reasons why it has become tough in today's time for a general medical education aspirant to get medical education by taking admission to a medical course.

Due to this problem, the trend of Indian medical candidates has been drawn by the medical institutions of other countries outside India.

Because Indian students do not have to face all these problems in taking admitted to a foreign medical institute.

And these world-class medical institutes provide a great opportunity for their Indian students to get into medical courses and complete their MBBS degrees. Many an Indian student gets many facilities and benefits and without wasting his time, he can complete his MBBS education and a degree from foreign countries and practice his career in a doctor's job in any country in the whole world including India can make in.

Following are some important reasons for Indian medical aspirant students to opt for MBBS education abroad.
World-class medical university

Most of the medical universities in foreign countries have registered themselves as top-notch on the scale of world medical education.

Enough Choice

Adequate medical institution options in medical education abroad

Enough Medical Seats

Adequate seats for students in MBBS universities abroad

Affordable and budget-friendly fees

The scale of the cost of medical education abroad is already set which is so low that it suits the budget of a common Indian medical education aspirant.

No donation or capitation fee of any kind

There is no donation scheme for taking admission to MBBS abroad nor is there any program through which more money is demanded from the students. There you will have to pay only the fee and accommodation charges which are already fixed.

Only an entrance test is necessary.

For admission to MBBS education in a foreign medical college, it is necessary to pass only one normal entrance test, which is very easy compared to India's NEET and other medical education entrance exams.

World-class medical education

International-level medical education is provided in foreign medical universities in comparison to Indian medical institutions, where the curriculum and the teachers and students teaching there come from different countries to receive a world-class medical education.

World-Class Infrastructure

Since students from different countries come for medical education in International MBBS Universities, therefore its infrastructure is also organized globally keeping in view the same thing.

MCI-recognized universities and colleges.

Each and every college and university selected by us for studying MBBS abroad is recognized and approved by "Medical Council of India". Therefore, all these colleges live up to the scale of Indian medicine.

W.H.O. Approved Medical Universities and Colleges.

Each and every college and university selected by us for studying MBBS abroad is recognized and approved by "World Health Organization". Therefore, all these colleges live up to the scale of world level medicine.

Correct ratio of students and teachers.

Keeping in mind the number of students taking education in medical universities for MBBS education abroad, teachers are present in the right proportion so that each student can be given a complete education keeping in mind.

Expert and experienced faculty

In MBBS abroad there are fully Expert and highly experienced faculty are there to teach from across the globe.

Course Duration With Internship

In MBBS abroad The course duration of 6 years which also includes a 1-year internship as it is in India.


MMBBS in Abroad Study and Courses in the same universal English language which is parallel all over the world and India also.

Affordable accommodation facilities in hostels

Study MBBS in Abroad Study and Courses in the same universal English language which is parallel all over the world and India also.

Affordable accommodation facilities in hostels

MBBS abroad is a very easy way for Indian students because the accommodation and living facilities are available within the campus of these medical institutes at a very affordable fee.

Indian food and mess facilities

In today's time, Indian food and mess facilities are made available in every foreign medical college and university so that every Indian student can get Indian food.

World Recognized MBBS Degree

After completing MBBS abroad, students get a Global MBBS degree recognized in every other country of the world including India.

Opportunities to Work over the world

After studying MBBS abroad, one gets a chance to practice in the medical department in any country anywhere in the world including India.


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