MBBS IN Belarus


Belarus, a landlocked nation in Eastern Europe, is known for its Stalinist engineering, fabulous fortresses, and primitive backwoods. In the advanced capital, Minsk, the amazing KGB Headquarters linger over Independence Square, while the Museum of the Great Patriotic War remembers the nation’s part in WWII. The capital is additionally home to numerous houses of worship, including the neo-Romanesque Church of Saints Simon and Helena.

Numerous streams and 11,000 lakes are found in Belarus. Three noteworthy streams pass through the nation: the Neman, the Pripyat, and the Dnieper. The Neman streams westbound towards the Baltic ocean and the Pripyat streams eastbound to the Dnieper; the Dnieper streams southward towards the Black Sea.

Belarus fringes five nations: Latvia toward the north, Lithuania toward the northwest, Poland toward the west, Russia toward the north and the east, and Ukraine toward the south. Bargains in 1995 and 1996 separated Belarus’ fringes with Latvia and Lithuania, and Belarus endorsed a 1997 arrangement setting up the Belarus-Ukraine outskirt in 2009. Belarus and Lithuania confirmed the last outskirt outline reports in February 2007.

A Brief Look at MBBS in Belarus

The credit for Belarus becoming one of the top-picked destinations for MBBS Abroad goes to the country’s advanced education system. Belarus is among the few countries in the world which consider education as one of their top priorities and pay attention to the betterment of the educational field. The country takes special care to get updated with the latest advancements in the education sector. Due to this factor, the country is known to offer quality medical education to the students who opt for MBBS in Belarus.

The medical universities in Belarus are equipped with cutting “edge infrastructure and offer all the latest tools and technology to their students. The medium of instruction in the medical universities in Belarus is English. The complete MBBS program is 6 years of duration. The medical schools in Belarus are recognized by medical councils around the world and the MBBS pass-outs from the medical universities in Belarus can work in any corner of the world.

MBBS students who are looking for a decent university or medical college abroad should consider Belarus for studying medicine. Medical studies in Belarus offers great value to students. The MBBS degree from Belarus is recognized worldwide. The MBBS degree from Belarus is approved by NMC (National Medical Commission) and WHO (World Health Organization). MBBS admission in Belarus is economical and is quite popular among MBBS aspirants from across the world. Belarus has students mostly from India, Sri Lanka, Jordan, Iran, and several other European countries.

Every year a good number of medical aspirants opt for Belarus as there is no capitation fee or an entrance exam. The country is having higher literacy rate and growing economy. The government spends a significant part of its budget for uplifting the standard of education with the international norms. With easy admission procedure and advanced technological progress, the students gain sufficient academic brilliance and practical knowledge. With affordable tuition fee, low living cost and welcoming population, MBBS in Belarus is gaining popularity while giving high class education.

Belarus is a wonderful option for students who wants to pursue MBBS from European Countries. The complete MBBS program is 6 year of duration. The medical universities in Belarus are recognized by Medical Councils around the world and MBBS pass outs from the medical universities can work in any corner of the world.

Belarus has the top medical colleges in the world and almost all the medical colleges in Belarus is approved by WHO, NMC, ECFMG and other international medical bodies. The duration of MBBS from Belarus is 6 years for study and 1 year of internship. Almost all the medical colleges now teach in English.


Here are some facts about MBBS in Belarus.

Duration of the course

6 (Includes 1 year of internship)


Passed 10+2 with PCB (50%  for Indian students) and NEET Exam




Yes, compulsory


Not required

Medium of teaching


Approx. total fees

INR 20 Lakhs- 35 Lakhs

Type of medical universities/Universities

Government and Private

Why Pursuing MBBS from Belarus is a Great Option for International Students?

MBBS in Belarus is an affordable option for the students who wish to do MBBS from Abroad at nominal rates and do not want to compromise on the quality of services provided. The government of Belarus always encourages the students for quality medical education and that is the reason that not just local students, but students from all corners of the world head to MBBS in Belarus.

Quick Information About MBBS In Belarus

The Medical Universities of Belarus are accredited and recognized by several medical governing bodies. The awarded degrees are valued across the globe.

Key Features of MBBS in Belarus Reasons to study MBBS in Belarus
Global Renowned Degrees
Medical universities in Belarus are accredited by the WHO, WDOMS, FAIMER, ECFMG, and the medical councils of countries such as the U.S., the United Kingdom, Australia, India, Canada, etc.
Overall Cost
MBBS abroad in Belarus is the most cost-effective option for those seeking to save on medical expenses. Along with the lower tuition fee, the cost of living here is also quite reasonable.
Ensure Quality Education
There are several medical universities in Belarus recognized by top bodies like WDOMS or MCI (NMC). The cost of studying MBBS in Belarus is considerably lower than in private medical universities in India.
English Medium Education
Medical schools in Belarus offer a full English curriculum, so students do not have to worry about learning a new language.
Resourceful universities
Medical colleges in Belarus are very resourceful when it comes to teaching and meeting the learning needs and compatibility of students.
Technology-enhanced learning
Belarus is home to some of the most technologically advanced medical universities. This keeps students up-to-date and in-tune with their fields of study.


Here are the top reasons why Indian students prefers to study MBBS in Belarus than in any other country: For many students, pursuing a medical degree overseas is a dream come true. With its top-notch medical facilities, Belarus has become a popular choice for overseas students looking to study MBBS. Here are some advantages of MBBS study abroad in Belarus:

Every year many students are giving preference to the medical universities for MBBS in Belarus Some of the reasons are here. And One of the real benefits of considering MBBS in Belarus 2023-24 is the expense factor.
Affordable Tuition Fees:

One of the biggest benefits of studying MBBS in Belarus is the incredibly low cost of tuition compared to other nations. For Indian students seeking to pursue their medical education abroad, this makes it a very alluring alternative.

NMC-Recognized Medical Universities:

All Belarusn medical schools are accredited by the National Medical Commission (NMC), making Belarus a top choice for Indian students who desire to study medicine and later practice in their country.

No Donations or Entrance Exams:

No contribution fees or entrance examinations are necessary to enroll in a medical college in Belarus, in contrast to several medical colleges in India. This implies that Indian students can enroll in a Belarusn medical school solely on the basis of their academic performance.

Medium of Instruction is English:

English is the primary language of instruction at all medical universities in Belarus. For Indian students, this is an added benefit because it makes studying more simpler and helps them converse successfully with patients from other countries.

Medical Faculty with Strong Qualifications:

Belarusn universities have medical faculties with strong qualifications and experience. Students receive fantastic direction and assistance from them to help them reach their objectives.

World-class Education System:

Belarus's educational system rivals that of some of the world's top medical schools. This guarantees that Indian students obtain an education that is unparalleled in the world.

Modern Infrastructure and Facilities:

Belarus's universities take pride in having modern infrastructure and facilities that are meant to make studying as comfortable as possible. Everything, from cutting-edge classrooms to fully-stocked laboratories, is designed to enable students to reach their greatest potential.

Good Practical Exposure:

Beginning in the first semester, Belarus's medical colleges provide their students with good practical exposure. This enables Indian students to gain practical experience navigating real-world medical situations and better prepares them for the difficulties of the medical field.

Medical Degree from a Belarusn University Is Recognized Worldwide:

The medical degree earned from a Belarusn university is recognized worldwide. For Indian students, this opens up a world of opportunities to practice medicine not just in India but also in other countries.

Facilities for Boys and Girls to Stay in Comfortable Hostels:

The universities in Belarus offer both boys and girls the opportunity to stay in comfortable hostels. This makes sure that Indian students are comfortable and can concentrate on their studies without worrying about where they will stay.

Low crime rates and a safe environment:

Low crime rates and a safe environment characterize Belarus. This makes it a great choice for Indian students looking for a safe atmosphere to study abroad.

Good Number of Indian Students:

Belarus's medical universities are home to a sizable population of Indian students. As a result, Indian students have access to a great support network and experience a sense of home in a foreign land.

Clinical Exposure from the First Semester:

The medical schools in Belarus give their students access to clinical experiences as early as the first semester. This aids in preparing Indian students for their future careers by enabling them to obtain vital experience working with patients.

Good Internship Options:

Students in Belarus's institutions have access to top-notch internship options. This guarantees that Indian students receive the proper exposure and experience to launch their careers in medicine.

Advanced Technology to Support MBBS Education:

Universities in Belarus employ advanced technology to support MBBS education. This includes cutting-edge medical tools and technology that aids students in learning and comprehending intricate medical procedures.

Low Cost of Living:

Belarus has a cheap cost of living compared to other nations, making it an economical study-abroad location for Indian students.

In conclusion, there are many options for those who want to study MBBS in Belarus. Belarus is a top choice for students who want to pursue a career in medicine due to its affordable education, cutting-edge facilities, part-time employment prospects, and international recognition.

Benifits Of MBBS in Belarus

MBBS in Belarus For Indian Students

Belarus provides elite medical education to the students. That is the explanation for more than 500 Indian students going to Belarus consistently to fulfill their dreams about turning into a specialist. Belarus is one of the celebrated nations offering extensive freedoms for students. The educational plan intended for students satisfies theories and informative spaces. Indian students with low scholarly scores and strong desires can generally think about MBBS in Belarus. Significant educational expenses contrasted with Indian institutions are consistently helpful. Belarus is well known among Indian medical students for giving quality training, a top-notch medical framework, and practice-based learning at the most reasonable cost.

Study MBBS in Belarus for indian students can be an excellent choice for your MBBS dream. Procuring your degree at a sensible spending plan has been a conspicuous driving element among Indian students in Belarus. The total program for MBBS is bifurcated in 5+1 long stretches of the term. A vexatious span of 5 years is adequate to acclimatize school studies and the MCI screening test studies. Belarusn medical colleges offer a perfect look at the Soviet Union and European foundation.

Concentrating on probably the most reliable place on the planet would assist students with becoming multidimensional. Belarus has a rich social impact. The minute average cost for essential items amounts to the simple way of life of students. The beguiling views make Belarus extremely rare. The temperature is by and large very calming, concerning Indian students very versatile to the climate. Having the best scholastics and way of life is what Belarus has to bring to the students' table.

Study MBBS in Belarus is the extraordinary decision of numerous Indian and worldwide students who need to finish their medical training. As in India, Belarus is perhaps the most adored country for MBBS competitors. Due to bilingual investigation and assorted practice and Indians are treated with adoration and regard in Belarus. It is one of the most reliable and nonviolent countries and gives global openness to the students and explores life and well-known objections besides education. That is the reason a student shouldn't study MBBS in Belarus.

  • The medium of teaching MBBS is English which is quite helpful for International Students
  • TOEFL and IELTS tests are not required for doing MBBS in Belarus
  • No corruption, no capitation fee and with higher literacy rate
  • MBBS degree from top ranked universities like Belarusian State Medical University are globally recognized
  • Country having well maintained laws and orders which enlists it in top safest countries
  • Indian food and self-cooking facilities are available in most of the universities
  • Belarus is a clean and green country.
  • Transportation is also comfortable in Belarus.
  • MBBS admission Process in Belarus is easy.
  • No capitation Or donation fees is required.

Benifits of Studying MBBS in Belarus for Indian Students

For many students, earning an MBBS degree in Belarus is the fulfillment of a dream. Belarus is renowned for its top-notch educational system. The nation has a number of benefits that make it a desirable location for students from throughout the world. Here are some advantages of MBBS study abroad in Belarus:

  • Top-Quality Teaching and Research:
  • Scholarship Opportunities:
  • Better Career Opportunities:
  • Worldwide Recognition:
  • Affordable Education:
  • US Study-Based Pattern:
  • Exposure & Recognition Around the World
  • Easy Admissions Procedure
  • No Entrance Fee or Covert Charges
  • Donations Not Required
  • Cost-effective Fee Structure
  • Affordable living

In conclusion, there are several advantages to studying MBBS in Belarus, including a top-notch education, scholarship options, greater job prospects, international recognition, and an economical educational system. A distinctive teaching approach used by German institutions helps students become qualified medical professionals. Due to these benefits, Belarus is a great place for students who want to study medicine.

Advantages of Studying MBBS in Belarus

For overseas students who want to pursue an MBBS degree, Belarus is a popular choice. The nation has a number of benefits that make it an appealing choice for future medical professionals. The following are some advantages of earning an MBBS in Belarus:

  1. Belarus has the most reliable quality education, and the expense of medical training in Belarus is low.
  2. Belarus has various government-funded medical colleges, and bodies like MCI and WHO recognize many medical universities.
  3. Teaching language in the Belarus MBBS colleges is in English, making it simple for Indian students to study in Belarus medical University.
  4. Belarus has an excellent framework, and the general climate in Belarus is delightful.
  5. Belarus MBBS course has more emphasis on the rational parts of training.
  6. The overall cost for essential items in Belarus is additionally low.
  7. Various colleges, almost every Belarus MBBS college and school has an Indian mess.
  8. Students have the option to pick hostels or any apartments to live in with high-class faculty and safe living.
  9. Various students search for part-time jobs to bear the expenses or for some different reasons. So there is no reason to go house to house for internships since Belarus medical college gives low maintenance occupations. You need to apply for that.
  10. The World Health Organization and MCI endorse the MBBS in Belarus.
  11. A-list clinical schooling and clinic foundation First-rate assistance offices are guaranteed so that the students don't feel a long way from home.
  12. Various transportations like trains, transports, and vehicles are moderately more secure.
  13. The training in the Medical Universities is of the best quality with an unimaginably colossal knowledge foundation.
  14. The MBBS course in Belarus medical university is less expensive than numerous other European nations.
  15. The language of guidance in the MBBS universities in Belarus is English.
  16. Students get the chance to partake in worldwide gatherings and classes, which help them acquire information and expertise.
  17. A lot of local people communicate in English, so it is advantageous for understudies from India.
  18. No ragging is allowed in the MBBS Universities in Belarus.
  19. Indian food is accessible in MBBS schools and hotels.
  20. Separate young men and young women hostels. A few hostels even have Indian superintendents Belarus is an extremely protected country.

In conclusion, earning an MBBS degree in Belarus has many advantages, including economical tuition, recognized medical schools, hands-on training in modern hospitals, and convenient living arrangements. German universities award internationally recognized degrees that give students improved employment chances. International students who want to study medicine should go there because of the hospitable locals and their friendliness.


Syllabus & Tenure of Education in Belarus for MBBS:

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First Year Human Anatomy, Histology, Embryology, and Cytology, History of Medicine, Medical Biology, Genetics, and Parasitology, Chemistry, Latin Language & Medical Terms, Sociology, Politology, Russian Language, Bio-Physics, Information Science & Medical Equipment
Second Year Bio-Chemistry, Physiology, Russian Language, Physical Training, Economics, Logics, Micro-Biology, Philosophy
Third Year Basics of Psychology & Pedagogic, Pathological Anatomy, Social Medicine & Organization of Health Protection Services, Pathological Physiology, General Hygiene, Propeduetics of Inner Diseases with Patient Care, Pharmacology & Medical Dispensing of Medicines
Fourth Year Remedial Gymnastics & Sport Medicines, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Dermatoveneral Diseases, Radiative Medicine, Psychiatry, Narcology & Medical Psychology, Phthisiatry, Facultative Therapy Physiotherapy, Pediatrics with Medical Genetics, Nervous Diseases, Surgery, Endocrinology, Economics of Health Protection, Urology, Homeopathy
Fifth Year Ophthalmology, Occupational Diseases, Gynaecology, Hospital Therapy & Military Field Therapy, Hospital Pediatry, Oncology, Infectious & Tropical Diseases, Military Field Surgery, Children Infectious Diseases, Forensic Medicine, Neuro, Pediatrics Surgery, Hospital, Epidemiology & Military Epidemiology, Urgent States Medicines of Catastrophies Law
Sixth Year Children Infectious Diseases, Neurosurgery, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Therapy, Oncology, Diseases Infection & Tropical, Reanimatology, Surgical Diseases, Economics of Health Protection, Internal medicine, Hygiene, Social Medicine & Organization of Health Protection, Pediatrics, Pharmacology, Pediatrics Surgery

Eligibility Criteria For MBBS In Belarus

Many students want to pursue an MBBS study in Belarus. The following information will help you understand your eligibility to study MBBS in Belarus:
  1. Academic Requirements: The applicant must have earned their 12th grade diploma from an accredited board in the mainstream biology stream.
  2. Minimum Percentage: Biology, Chemistry, and Physics all require a minimum percentage of 60% or above.
  3. Age Requirement: To get admitted, a candidate must be at least 17 years old.
  4. Language skills: To demonstrate their English language skills, applicants must present a TOEFL or IELTS score report.
  5. TestDaf: Passing the TestDaf test is required.
  6. German Language Proficiency: The applicant must possess a DSH (Deutsche Sprachprufung fur den Hochschulzugang) certificate or a certificate from another German language test, such as the GDS or KDS. German language skills must be at least at the C1 level, while certain colleges may require B2-level fluency. The prerequisite course requires that all participants hold a B1 German Certificate.
  7. paperwork: The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) should verify the applicant's paperwork to make sure they adhere to the required requirements.
  8. Entrance Exams: Some universities may demand that the applicant take specific entrance exams.
  9. Medical Fitness: In order to pursue MBBS education, the applicant must be in good health.
  10. NEET Score: The applicant must have achieved the minimum score necessary to pass the National Eligibility Completion Entrance Test (NEET).

In conclusion, students can apply for an MBBS degree in Belarus if they meet the prerequisites listed above. Students in the nation have a fantastic opportunity to learn about and gain experience in the medical sector from an internationally renowned institution.

Important Paperwork for Indian College Students Applying Abroad (Documents required)

A Guide to the Documents Needed to Study for the MBBS in Belarus: Knowing the paperwork needed for the admissions process is crucial if you are an Indian student wishing to study medicine in Belarus. The following papers are required in order to finish the procedure:
  2. It is necessary to have a passport that is currently valid for at least 18 months. Maintaining it will help to prevent it from expiring before you finish your course.
  3. 10TH-GRADE TRANSCRIPT AND CERTIFICATE: Your certificate and grade report from the 10th grade must be submitted as documentation of your academic credentials.
  4. 12TH-GRADE TRANSCRIPT AND CERTIFICATE: You must provide your diploma and grade report from the 12th grade. Ideally, there should be at least 60% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.
  5. GRADUATION MARKSHEET FOR THE FIRST YEAR: You must submit your first-year graduation mark sheet if you have finished your graduation.
  6. EVERY DOCUMENT HAS A GAZETTED OFFICER'S ATTESTATION: A Gazetted Officer must testify to each document presented. Attesting these documents is required.
  7. BIRTH REGISTRATION: Your birth certificate must be shown as identification.
  8. PASSPORT-SIZED IMAGES: You must submit ten passport-size photos.
  9. PROOF OF LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY IN GERMAN AND ENGLISH: You should be able to show documentation of your English and German language skills. Along with the DSH (Deutsche Sprachprufung für den Hochschulzugang) exam, TOEFL and IELTS scores are required.
  10. CHARACTER REFERENCE LETTERS: You must provide letters of recommendation from your professors or employers.
  11. OFFER LETTER FOR THE GERMAN MEDICAL SCHOOL OF YOUR CHOICE: You must have an offer letter from the medical school you want to attend.
  12. ALL DOCUMENTS HAVE BEEN AUTHORIZED BY THE NEW DELHI-BASED MINISTRY OF EXTERNAL AFFAIRS: All of your paperwork needs to be approved by the New Delhi-based Ministry of External Affairs.
  13. ALL DOCUMENTS FROM THE GERMAN EMBASSY HAVE BEEN LEGALIZED: The German Embassy in India needs to legalize each document.
  14. VISA COSTS: To apply for a student visa to Belarus, you must pay the applicable visa fees.
  15. UNIVERSITY FIRST-YEAR TUITION FEE BANK RECEIPT: You must provide a bank receipt for the university's first-year tuition payment.
  16. PASSING MEDICAL NEET DOCUMENTS: You must present documentation that you passed the NEET test.

These are the mandatory documents you need in order to pursue an MBBS in Belarus, in conclusion. If there are any new requirements or adjustments to the admissions procedure, be sure to verify with the appropriate authorities.

Top Universities for MBBS Study in Belarus

One of the most popular places for students who want to enroll in MBBS programs in Belarus. Some of the world's most recognized universities are located here, and they provide medical students with exceptional academic and practical training. Here is a list of Belarus's top medical schools:

  1. Belarusian State Medical University:
    Belarusian State Medical University in Minsk (BSMU) is globally recognized, and the leading MBBS university in Belarus, which was established in 1921. It was initially a part of Belarusian State University, before becoming an autonomous university in 1930. It is recognized by WHO, NMC, and many more international professional medical groups. It is considered as one of the most prestigious university in Belarus and a major centre of advanced learning and dynamic thinking for MBBS students. The University has formed into a huge scale, a well-managed comprehensive university with good MBBS teaching staff.
  2. Vitebsk State Medical University:
    Vitebsk State Medical University was established in 1934. The Institute has successfully passed the certification and accreditation of the status of the higher education establishment of a university type and was changed into Vitebsk State Order of Peoples' Friendship Medical University in 1998. It is recognized by WHO, NMC, and many more international professional medical bodies across the world. It has 34 theoretical and clinical department with 250 students in all courses. The university embraces high-tech methods of practical medicine that empower students to be focused, competitive and flexible in the medical field.
  3. Grodno State Medical University:
    Grodno State Medical University was established in the year 1958 and is pioneer in teaching MBBS to students from Belarus and abroad. It is a successor of the first medical school of Belarus which was The Grodno Medical Academy established in 1775. It recognized by WHO, NMC, and many more international MBBS professional groups. It is one of those universities which is having an advanced system of education, and it trains students with the help of updated education technology of medical study. The university embraces the high-tech methods of practical medicine that empower students to be focused, competitive and flexible in the medical field.
  4. Gomel State Medical University:
    Gomel State Medical University, established in the year 1990, is recognized by WHO, NMC, and many more international MBBS professional groups. It is one of those universities which is having an advanced system of education, and it trains students with the help of updated education technology of medical study. The university embraces the high-tech methods of practical medicine that empower students to be focused, competitive and flexible in the medical field.
  5. MBBS in Belarus Fee Structure 2023

    Name of the universitiesTuition fees
    Belarusian State Medical University USD $ 32100
    Vitebsk State Medical University USD $ 28800
    Grodno State Medical University USD $ 27600
    Gomel State Medical University USD $ 26820

    Duration of MBBS Course in Belarus

    The total duration of MBBS in Belarus is 6 years for Indian students.

    1. The first five years of the MBBS studies in Belarus are purely theoretical with advanced classroom and laboratory sessions.
    2. The last year includes an internship in top hospitals affiliated with medical universities in Belarus.
      1. In conclusion, a variety of programs are available in German medical universities to suit a variety of interests and professional aspirations. The knowledge and abilities acquired in these courses are intended to equip students with what they need to be successful in their chosen fields.

        Medium of Instruction of MBBS Studies in Belarus

        The Belarus medical universities that are recognized by the National Medical Commission impart medical education in English to Indian students. The medical universities in Belarus have well-designed medical courses in English and English-speaking teachers and professors for better communication and understanding.

        Intake For MBBS in Belarus

        The intake for MBBS in Belarus usually commences in September. As the students are enrolled on a first-come-first-serve basis checking their eligibility, it is always better to apply in the initial days of application rather than waiting till the last minute.

        Accommodation Options for Students Pursuing MBBS in Belarus

        The top medical universities in Belarus recognized by the National Medical Commission have special hostel accommodation facilities for Indian students ensuring their comfortable stay during their MBBS in Belarus. Moreover, universities take care of the all-around holistic development of Indian students.

        • Comfortable hostel rooms with beds, tables, chairs, wardrobes, and other basic things.
        • Round-the-clock internet facility within the campus.
        • Cleanliness and hygiene is maintained at all times.
        • Indian food is served in the university canteens.
        • Uninterrupted electricity and water supply.

        Why Belarus?

        Eastern Europe's Belarus, also referred to as the Republic of Belarus, is a landlocked nation. After several years as a Soviet Union satellite, the nation declared its independence on August 25, 1991. Today, Belarus has a population of over nine million, with Minsk acting as the nation's capital.

        Belarus has a varied landscape, with more than 40% of its 207,600 square kilometers being covered in forests, which is one of its distinguishing characteristics. The nation is largely flat with a lot of marshy plains, bordered by Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia. In addition, Belarus is home to three significant rivers—the Neman, the Pripyat, and the Dnieper—and more than 10,000 lakes.

        Because Belarus has a humid continental climate, it gets scorching summers and chilly winters. In the winter, daytime highs can range from -5-0°C to 25-30°C in the summer. Over 80% of the population resides in urban areas, which are organized administratively into seven regions.

        Russian and Belarussian are the two official languages of Belarus, although many citizens are bilingual. Belarus' official currency is the Belarusian ruble.

        Natural resources found in the nation include peat, tuff deposits, granite, limestone, chalk, clay, and gravel. Additionally, its natural gas and oil reserves are somewhat meager.

        The national flag of Belarus is distinctive, featuring a red-and-green color scheme with a white-and-red decorative pattern at the hoist end. The present design, which was modified from a design endorsed in a vote in May 1995, was unveiled in 2012. President Alexander Lukashenko noted that red stands for independence and the sacrifice of the nation's predecessors, while green stands for life, despite the fact that there is no official interpretation of the flag's colors.

        Belarus is well-known for its desserts and sweets in addition to its abundant natural resources and rich cultural legacy. Visitors visiting the nation can savor regional specialties like halva, a treat made from mashed sunflower seeds and honey, and babka, a sweet bread with raisins and nuts.

        Overall, Belarus has a special combination of scenic beauty, cultural heritage, and delicious food. There is something for everyone in this interesting country, whether you want to experience its dynamic cities and villages or explore its forests and lakes.


Comparison of MBBS in Belarus with India:

Indian students have a variety of options to think over while deciding whether to pursue an MBBS degree. While there are many medical schools and colleges in India, there are also many other countries that provide top-notch medical education. Belarus is one of those places. We shall contrast the MBBS programs in Belarus and India in this post and go over the reasons why Indian students would pick Belarus over India for their medical studies.

Education Level: High-quality medical education has a long history in Belarus as well as India. But in recent years, Belarus has become a well-liked choice for foreign students looking to study medicine. The Medical Council of India (MCI), the World Health Organization (WHO), and other international organizations all recognize Belarus' medical universities, attesting to the nation's excellent standard of instruction.

Cost of Education: The cost of education is significantly lower in Belarus than it is in India for MBBS students. Compared to medical institutes in India, Belarus has much lower tuition costs. Additionally, Belarus has a lower cost of living than India, making it a more cost-effective choice for students.

Admissions: The Belarusian MBBS admissions procedure is very easy to understand. To qualify for admission, students must pass the NEET exam and earn at least a minimum of 50% in their 10+2 exams. In contrast, admittance to Indian medical institutes is extremely difficult and involves challenging entrance tests.

Language of Instruction: Russian or English are the primary languages of education in Belarus, whereas English is the primary language of instruction in medical institutes in India. However, as students can pick up their native tongue during their studies, this language barrier is rarely a major problem.

International Exposure: Studying in Belarus provides students with the chance to experience and gain international exposure. Numerous medical schools in Belarus have collaborations with other countries, giving students the chance to take part in study abroad and exchange possibilities.

In conclusion, there are several benefits to MBBS in Belarus over MBBS in India. Belarus is a popular choice for Indian students seeking medical study overseas because it provides high-quality instruction at a cheap cost, a straightforward admissions process, and international experience.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do I need to give the entrance exam for MBBS In Belarus?

No there is no need of entrance exam for MBBS In Belarus?

Is living in Belarus safe?

Yes, it is totally safe living in Belarus and doing MBBS

How can I practice in India if I have a Belarus MBBS degree?

A professional degree from Belarus will boost your career, that much is true. You can practise medicine anywhere in the world with an internationally recognised MBBS degree from Belarus.

Can I get a job in other countries if I have done MBBS from Belarus?

You can practice in India if you have a Belarus MBBS degree as the college are recognized by MCI.

Can I get the scholarship from colleges in Belarus?

Yes, you can, as the college in Belarus are listed in WHO.

Is it hard to find a place to live in Belarus?

No, it's not. Most colleges have a hostel, and you can easily find a place to live in Belarus. Is NEET required for MBBS in Belarus?

Yes, NEET is compulsory for MBBS in Belarus.


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