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Tashkent Medical Academy is one of those government medical institutes in Asia which is globally renowned in every field for providing the best medical education to the candidates for MBBS degrees.

The foundation of this medical university was laid in 1919 and from the day of its inception till date, it is known to provide medical education to the students to an extent.

Long ago when there was no such modern medical facility available in this area. But still, in 1935 it was known as a very prestigious medical institute in Central Asia, and even at that time, all the latest technologies were also available here. And with the passage of time, many more new amendments have been made in the university due to which Tashkent Medical Academy sees many developmental changes with time which is commendable.

Where in 1980 this medical institute had 1042 faculty members, their number continued to increase with time and today there are more than many thousands of medical faculty members who are masters in their field. And this medical faculty member is so experienced that the students who take education from it and who want to take it, do not have to worry at all. Every student studying from here is given practical education of a high order. Tashkent Medical Academy has more than one experienced faculty for each subject for the students at all times. Students studying for their MBBS degree from here never need to feel that things are not going as they have planned. Apart from this, from time to time, hundreds of world-class medical experts are invited here to guide the students, who are considered masters in their field. And at present, there are more than 1500 professors available here who are masters in their field. And with its many years of experience are considered to be the best.

Every year, more than 6000 students from this medical institution render their services by completing their medical studies, earning an MBBS degree,s and making themselves available for doctor positions around the world. There is absolutely no compromise on medical studies, that is why it is world-renowned for its practical education. If you are making up your mind about MBBS in Uzbekistan, then the selection of Tashkent Medical Academy is the best for you. After coming here and after enrolling in it, you will not face any kind of problem, because here every need of yours is taken care of, which includes your education to your residential requirement.

Tashkent Medical Academy is one of the highest-ranked medical universities in Uzbekistan for pursuing an MBBS in Medical Studies, which is the best. In just 15 years, this institute has made its place at the top of the most competent and sought-after medical colleges in the medical field. And today it is one of the most highly ranked medical schools in Uzbekistan. Which was founded by the then President of the Republic of Uzbekistan. This medical institute provides experienced, scholarly faculty in various departments, which acquaint the students with the specific areas of medical science. So it is the best institute in Uzbekistan to study MBBS and that is why Tashkent Medical Academy is the best medical university in Uzbekistan?

  • It was first established as Turkestan State University which was later established on 13 April 1919, as the Regional Faculty of Medicine.
  • First of all, in 1922, 27 medical students completed their graduation as the first batch.
  • Until 1930 it used to belong to the Faculty of Medicine which was renamed as Institute of Medicine in 1931.
  • At the beginning of 1932, 177 teachers were present in this institute along with 1099 students.
  • Tashkent Medical Institute was known as a much-reputed Central Asian Medical Institute only in 1935
  • 1962 was the year when first of all, students with interest in medicine from Asia, Africa and Latin America were welcomed to study
  • Whose number had increased to more than 10,000 in 1972 itself.
  • On the basis of the building construction, the cabinet ministers established the Tashkent Medical Academy in the form of 2 institutions in 1990, which is known as Tashkent Medical Institute First and Second.
  • Similarly then its first branch was established in 1992 in Argench AMD Fergana
  • But then in 2005 the first and second Tashkent Medical Institute were replaced by the Tashkent Medical Academy integrating and established as one
  • Tashkent medical academy have 4 campus Tashkent city ,Urgench city, Fergana city, Termez city
  • It has 4 campuses in Tashkent city, Urgench city, Fergana city, Termezh city and the Tashkent Medical Academy campus is on 8180 adjacent acres. Divided into 6 government jurisdictions.
  • It is one of the most prestigious medical university of CIS.
  • In which 700 buildings are prominent and built with modern structure.
  • There is 1 faculty ratio for 4 students
  • 97% of 100% of undergraduate students live on campus.
  • Here the curriculum is taught in International Standard English Medium
  • Quality medical education is provided here with a good clinical exposure.
  • Tashkent Medical Academy follows all the noms of MCI. It is affiliated to MCI.
  • And Tashkent Medical Academy is approved by WHO.
  • There is facility of Indian Mess through which Indian students get Indian food.
  • And with this, the Les International Hostel is located on the campus with ultra-convenience with 2 and 3 beds.
  • Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, where this medical institute is located, is just three and a half hours away from Delhi. Which is very less.
  • The city of Urgench is located at a distance of 900 km from Tashkent. This journey can be covered in 45 minutes by flight and 15 hours by bullet train.
  • The city of Fergana is located at a distance of 300 km from Tashkent. This journey can be covered in half an hour by flight and 5 to 6 hours by road.

Affiliation and Recognition of Tashkent Medical Academy

Tashkent Medical Academy has formed partnerships with several foreign departments of education and research organisations to build partnerships between prominent higher education institutions in NIS nations and outside. The University is recognized by WHO, MCI and UNESCO.

  • Recognized by MCI (Medical Council of India)
  • NMC and WHO approved
  • Seoul University
  • Humboldt University (Berlin)
  • Russian State Medical University
  • Samara State Medical University
  • Moscow State Medical University
  • Family Medicine Residency centre
  • Chkhonnam State University (Korea)

Why Study MBBS at Tashkent Medical Academy

  • For those interested in pursuing MBBS at Tashkent Medical Academy, no special degree is required; the NEET scorecard would sufficient.
  • The medical academy in Tashkent is a ragging-free zone.
  • Tashkent Medical Academy offers an internationally recognised MBBS degree.
  • Tashkent Medical Academy has easy access to transportation.
  • The institution provides financial assistance to students through scholarship programmes.
  • Students at the Tashkent Medical Academy can stay in a hostel.
  • First Tashkent State Medical Institute has a high level of security.

Quick highlights about Tashkent Medical Academy

Year of Establishment 2005
Type Govt.
Recognition NMC and WHO approved
Eligibility 50% in Physics, Chemistry and Biology Aggregate
Course Duration 5 years + 1 years Internship
NEET Qualifying Marks
IELTS/TOFEL Not Required
Medium of Teaching English

Advantages of MBBS at Tashkent Medical Academy

  • The institute provides world-class education at a reasonable cost.
  • The institute takes into account regional characteristics such as religious freedom and legal defence, both of which are vital for Asian and Latin American countries.
  • Training centres and clinical bases provide world-class instruction to young minds with well-equipped classrooms, fundamental scientific and clinical laboratories, and clinical bases.
  • Students benefit from the university's collaboration with international scientific and educational centres, which offer them information and exposure.
  • The university's seasoned team is continually striving to apply cutting-edge teaching methods.

Duration Of MBBS In Tashkent Medical Academy

The Tashkent Medical Academy's MBBS programme lasts five years: The Tashkent Medical Academy's MBBS programme lasts five years and includes an internship. To obtain an MBBS degree, the course must be completed in five years.

Faculties of Tashkent Medical Academy

  • Faculty of medicine
  • Faculty of dentistry
  • Faculty of pharmacy
  • Faculty of neuroscience
  • Faculty of paediatrics
  • Faculty of surgery
  • Faculty of postgraduate programs

Tashkent Medical Academy Fees Structure 2022-23

Particulars Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
Tuition Fee (approx.) $4500 $3000 $3000 $3000 $3000
Study MBBS In Tashkent Medical Academy

Tashkent Medical Academy ranking

Tashkent Medical Academy ranking in Uzbekistan is 7
Tashkent Medical Academy world ranking is 5882

Eligibility To Study MBBS In Tashkent Medical Academy

  • The applicant must have a cumulative score of 55 per cent for open caste students and 45 per cent for reserved caste students in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.
  • A person's age should not be less than 17 years old and not more than 25 years old.
  • Applicants must have completed 12th grade or an equivalent diploma from a recognised institution.
  • Enrollment in Tashkent Medical Academy's MBBS programmes requires NEET clearance.

Tashkent Medical Academy Admission Process

Tashkent Medical Academy's management gives the following information for admission to the MBBS programme at Tashkent Medical Academy:
  • Step 1: Fill out the application form on the Tashkent Medical Academy's website.
  • Step 2: Address the application to the Tashkent Medical Academy's rector, noting the language and type of training.
  • Step 3: The applicant must present notarized copies of documents that have been translated into Russian or Uzbek.

Document Required For Tashkent Medical Academy Admission

  • Copy of Passport
  • Mark sheets copy
  • Certified copy of your birth certificate
  • Medical certification
  • Receipt of Funds
  • Admissions statement (invitation letter)
  • Photographs (Passport size)

Syllabus of MBBS in Tashkent Medical Academy

Semester Subjects
1 semester Medical Chemistry, Fundamentals of Psychology, Histology, Bioorganic Chemistry
2nd semester Cytology, Embryology, Human Anatomy, Elective Courses
3rd semester Histology, Physiology, Human Anatomy, Biochemistry, Microbiology
4th semester Microbiology, Emergency Medicine, Patient Care, Embryology
5th semester Pharmacology, Pathomorphology, Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, General Surgery
6th semester Ecology, Radiology, Elective Courses, Biostatistics
7th and 8th semester Tuberculosis, Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Urology, Neurology, Ophthalmology, Narcology, Medical Psychology, Forensic Medicine, Social Medicine
9th and 10th semester Infectious Diseases, Oncology, Epidemiology, Gynecology, Traumatology, Medical Genetics, Social Medicine, Obstetrics, Clinical Immunology
11th and 12th Semester Elective Courses

Hostel And Accommodation At Tashkent Medical Academy

Foreign students can stay at First Tashkent State Medical Institute with the following amenities. There are 5 student dormitories with a total capacity of 1700 students at the institute. Tashkent Medical Academy's hostels are managed by the TMA administration and the Directorate of the Dormitory following the academy's regulations. A turnstile is erected at the hostel's entrance to prohibit strangers from entering the hostel and to safeguard the safety of the students. Student dorms are assigned, individual district guards. Each hostel offers a common area with a modern TV and furniture, as well as a kitchen, computer rooms, and a library.

Living Cost at Tashkent Medical Academy

The cost of living in Uzbekistan is comparatively low. For accommodation, it will cost around 100 to 200 USD. For food expenses, it will cost around 100 to 150 USD. Transportation costs will be around 10 to 50 USD.

Why MBBS in Uzbekistan?

There are a few key characteristics that are also Reasons to Study MBBS in Uzbekistan:
  • Many government-funded universities exist in Uzbekistan, and the MCI recognises some of them.
  • To gain admission to a good medical university in Uzbekistan, students are not required to take any language competency examinations.
  • The medium of teaching in Uzbekistan's medical universities is English, which makes it easier for Indian students to study there.
  • Students from India gain international experience, and it should be highlighted that Uzbekistan is a safe place for Indian students.

Benefits of Study MBBS in Uzbekistan

  • The cost of learning MBBS in Uzbekistan is one of the key benefits. When compared to some of India's private medical institutes, you'll find that the cost of schooling is lower.
  • Many medical universities in Uzbekistan are accredited by MCI and international organisations such as the World Health Organization.
  • In Uzbekistan's medical universities, English is the medium of instruction. As a result, Indian students will have no difficulty enrolling in Uzbekistan's medical universities.
  • The level of medical education in Uzbekistan is excellent, and the country's universities have excellent infrastructure.

Our Assistance for MBBS Admission in Tashkent Medical Academy

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